Past Productions

2022 Rockin Royalties (Summer Show)
2022 Mother Goose by Alan P Frayn
2019 Dick Whittington by Alan P Frayn
2017 Lifes a Happy Song (Summer Show)
2017 Sleeping Beauty by Alan P Frayn
2016 Robin Hood and the Babes in the Wood  by Stephen Duckham
2015 The Snow Queen by Alan P Frayn
2014 One Fine Day (Summer show)
2014 Jack and the Beanstalk
2012 Cinderella
2011 And the Beat Goes On (Summer Show)
2011 Aladdin
2010 Beauty and the Beast by James Barry
2009 Reflections (Summer Show)
2009 Sleeping Beauty written for us by members Peter Mitcheson, June Stevens and Annette Ward
2008 The Ice Castle written for us by a member Martyn Goss
2007 Box of Delights (Summer Show)
2007 Sinbad the Sailor by Ron Hall
2006 Denim to Diamonds (Summer Show)
2006 Puss in Boots by Eric Fowler
2005 Summer Lovin’ (Summer Show)
2005 The King’s New Clothes written for us by Annette Ward, June Stevens and Peter Mitcheson
2004 Hickory Dickory Dock by Norman Robbins
2003 Summertime (Summer Show)
2003 Mother Goose by Leonard Caddy
2002 Spring in Your Step (Summer Show)
2002 Cinderella by Robert Marlowe
2001 Babes in the Wood by Leonard H Caddy
2000 Sleeping Beauty by Leonard H Caddy
1999 Dick Whittington by Gail Lowe
1998 Aladdin by David Swan
1997 Summer Showtime (Summer Show)
1997 Jack and the Beanstalk by Leonard H Caddy
1996 Ali Baba and the Forty Thieves by David Swan
1995 A Step Back in Time (Summer Show)
1995 Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs by John Morley
1994 West End to Broadway (Summer Show)
1994 Red Riding Hood by Eric Crocker
1993 Rhythm of Life (Summer Show)
1993 Robinson Crusoe by Ron Hall
1992 America Hall 40th Celebrations (Summer Show)
1992 Puss in Boots by Leonard H Caddy
1991 Humpty Dumpty by John Morley
1990 Goldilocks and the Three Bears by John Morley
1989 War Time Musical (Summer Show)
1989 Sleeping Beauty by Ron Hall
1988 Old Time Music Hall (Summer Show)
1988 Dick Whittington by Leonard H Caddy
1987 Cinderella by John Morley
1986 Babes in the Wood by John Morley
1985 Aladdin by Leonard Caddy
1984 Jack and the Beanstalk by John Morley
1983 Mother Goose by Trudy West
1982 Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs by Edwin T Hughes
1981 Dick Whittington Jnr. and the Dragon written especially for us by Gordon Bess