Our History

During 1979, America Hall was being decorated by offenders who were doing community service. This arrangement did not work out and the committee decided they must complete the work themselves as funds were not sufficient to pay someone to do the job.

Once the project had been completed and the hall was nicely decorated, those who had worked hard and their partners went out for a social evening at the Swan’s Nest. It was during this evening in January 1980 that Ian Roberts came up with the idea of a Pantomime in our community hall. This was discussed with enthusiasm by those America Hall committee members present.

Pinhoe Community Association were approached and Ian together with Peter Stone and Angela Roberts put his idea to them. Fortunately they were prepared to back such a project and agreed to support a Community Pantomime. A meeting was then held in April 1980 of those interested in a Pantomime. It was at this meeting that several of our current members joined.

The Pantomime therefore started off as a section of the Pinhoe Community Association. The first committee were: Chairman: Mr Peter Stone, Vice Chairman: Mr Ian Roberts, Secretary/Treasurer: Mrs Angela Roberts, other committee members were Dick Foxen, Margaret Marks, Peter Mitcheson, Joan Roberts, Gill Sercombe. Our first Pantomime was written for us by Gordon Bess and was called ‘Dick Whittington Jnr and the Dragon’, it was based on Pinhoe and local characters in the community. This was staged at America Hall in January 1981.

The Pantomime from the start was a great success and during 1990 agreed to leave the umbrella of the Pinhoe Community Association therefore changing its name from Pinhoe Community Association – Pantomime Section to become Pinhoe Pantomime Society, as it is known today.